Top loading spinal fixation system is the ultimate solution for fixation of the posterior thoracolumbar surgical cases.

  • The power of egifix top loading system comes from the flexibility that it provides to the surgeons through the wide range of options either through the design itself or the available sizes.

That comes in either (Mono-axial and Poly-axial screws., Spondylolisthesis screws.)

Design Features

  • Low profile implant with no sacrifice in performance minimize the implant height above the bony anatomy.
  • Mono-Axial And polyaxial screws for easy rod introduction.
  • – 50 of angulation to ease insitu connection with the longitudinal rod.
  • The screws utilize the clinically proven buttress thread designs for the locking mechanism.
  • All screws are self taping.
  • internal closure nut with 12 n/m torque.
  • the complete system is made of Titanium alloy grade 5 Eli with Excellent mechanical resistance and allows MRI monitoring.

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