• Egifix lumbar cages can be used Transforaminal Interbody Lumbar fusion (TLIF) to perform lumbar inter-body arthrodesis using a unilateral transforaminal.
  • Cages are designed with anatomical shape Biconvex superior and inferior surface to match the natural anatomy of the endplate Large graft space provides excellent bone fusion.
  • A wide range of the cages are provided to meet all the surgeons need Two different Lengths 22, 25, 28mm With different heights 7,8,9,10,12 and 14mm.
  • Transformainal Lumber Inter-body Fusion Has to be associated with posterior fixation Only one implant per level to be arthrodesed.
  • EgiFix cervical cages provide safe anchorage in the intervertebral space due to serrated surface.
  • Biocompatible polymer of PEEK
  • X-ray Markers Incorporated For 3D Positioning and Post-Operative Assessment
  • Set of Instruments designed for optimal performance and ease of use for the ¬†surgeon

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