Retrograde Femur Intramedullary Nail


  • Indication
    • distal femur fracture type A and C according to AO classification
  • Raw Material
    • Stainless steel 316 LVM,
    • Tit Grade 5 Eli
  • Design Features
    • Universal use – Same Nail can be used for left and right.
    • Anatomical Nail with anterior bowing of the femur and medial-lateral curve.
    • Three locking screws of 6.3mm
    • Nail is Cannulated for easy insertion over the guide wire.
  • Locking Screws
    • 6.4mm cannulated locking screw with upgraded thread design for better grip
    • Self-taping locking screws.
  • Instruments
    • Cannulated awl
    • Smart reduction device (Finger like)
    • Newly designed gripper to help the surgeon in
      manipulation with the guide wire
    • Mechanical Distal target device instrument set
    • Can be used as a minimal invasive technique by cannulated instruments or by traditional technique

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