Design Features

  • Cannulated pedicular screws for injection of cement in the osteoprotic vertebra
  • screws have two designs one short for open system fixation and a minimal invasive version
  • The screw works as one unit providing enough support and avoiding all the complications of dispatching from connectors.
  • The screws utilize the clinically proven buttress thread design for locking mechanism.
  • all screws are self tapping
  • different sizes are available 5,6,7mm with length starting from 30mm to 70mm with 5mm increments
  • All Screws are colour coded
  • 6 holes distal for injection of cement in the vertebra
  • The whole screw is made of Titanium alloy (Ti 6Al-4v Eli).
  • system has to be used with high viscosity , spinal bone cement

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