EgiFix provides a complete new cervical cages for interbody fusion of the cervical spine from C3 to C7 in anterior discectomy and fusion procedure with extra support by screws in the upper and lower vertebreas

Design Features

  • Cages are designed to be stabilized with two screws one for the vertebra above and one for the vertebra below.
  • Screws angulation provides a good purchase in the vertebral body.
  • Cages have anatomical shape to match the vertebral endplates.
  • Large graft space provides excellent bone fusion.
  • Safe anchorage by the cage it self in the intervertebral space due to Serrated surface.
  • Screws are self locking inside the plate.

Screws Design

  • Screws are made from titanium grade 5 Eli.
  • Screws are available with different sizes for diameter and length to provide different solutions for the surgeon.
  • All screws are self tapping.


  • the cage is made from PEEK with a pre assembled titanium grade 5 Eli Plate
  • that provides extra support and visualization in the x-ray

Screw Angulation

  • Screws are angulated cranial or caudal by 35 degrees
  • Screws are angulated medially by 10 degrees

A wide range of the cages are provided to meet all the surgeons need

  • 2 different diameters 14mm and 16mm.
  • 7 different heights are available starting from 4mm to 10mm in each diameter.

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